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IIGB Scientist Receives $4M USDA Grant! (March 29, 2016)

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A team of researchers led by an IIGB associate professor of plant pathology Wenbo Ma has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in an attempt to save the United States citrus industry from a disease that has already devastated the industry worldwide. Huanglongbing (HLB), also known as citrus greening [...]

IIGB Geneticist Named Endowed Chair!

By |2019-01-21T00:57:14-08:00January 21st, 2019|

Susan R. Wessler, an IIGB/CEPCEB distinguished professor of genetics, has been named the Neil A. and Rochelle A. Campbell Presidential Chair for Innovation in Science Education in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS). Wessler, a passionate advocate for spreading the excitement of doing genomics research to undergraduate students, is the first scholar named [...]

IIGB Student Receives NSF GRFP Award!

By |2019-01-21T00:55:41-08:00January 21st, 2019|

Jessica Toth, a graduate student in IIGB/CEPCEB Associate Professor Sean Cutler’s lab, was one of 11 UCR graduate students and 2000 national awardees among 16,500 applicants who received a three-year NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. The GRFP provides three years of financial support within a five-year fellowship period ($34,000 annual stipend and $12,000 cost-of-education allowance to [...]

Improving Undergraduate Biology Instruction

By |2019-01-21T00:54:01-08:00January 21st, 2019|

Susan R. Wessler, an IIGB/CEPCEB/CDVR distinguished professor of genetics has teamed up with John Matsui at UC Berkeley, Joel Rothman at UC Santa Barbara and Paul Koch at UC Santa Cruz to develop an interconnected “Faculty Learning Community” to allow faculty at four campuses to share proven, successful methods that improve undergraduate biology instruction. Titled [...]

IIGB Scientist Reprograms Plants for Drought Tolerance

By |2019-01-21T00:52:02-08:00January 21st, 2019|

IIGB scientists led by associate professor Sean Cutler have successfully engineered drought-threatened crops to respond to an agrochemical as if it were abscisic acid (ABA), a stress hormone that inhibits plant growth and reduces water consumption to assist survival during droughts. The researchers worked with Arabidopsis, a model plant used widely in plant biology labs, [...]

RNA Paper Published in Nature Communications!

By |2019-01-21T00:50:38-08:00January 21st, 2019|

Hailing Jin, an IIGB professor of plant pathology and microbiology, and colleagues report in a paper published in Nature Communications that the structure of small RNA (an essential nucleic acid for all known forms of life and made from DNA) plays an important role in small RNA sorting. Without this sorting, RNA gene silencing, caused [...]

IIGB Molecular Geneticist Awarded McClintock Prize

By |2019-01-21T00:48:22-08:00January 21st, 2019|

Susan R. Wessler, an IIGB distinguished professor of genetics and a world-renowned expert in transposable elements, has been awarded the McClintock Prize for Plant Genetics and Genome Studies for her exceptional contributions to and leadership in the study of plant transposable elements for the last three decades. Given in recognition of career scientific accomplishments, the [...]

Studying Plant Resistance and Susceptibility

By |2019-01-21T00:46:48-08:00January 21st, 2019|

IIGB researchers have now revealed a new molecular mechanism for resistance and susceptibility to a common fungus that causes wilt in susceptible tomato plants. Study results appeared Oct. 16, 2014 in PLOS Pathogens. Katherine Borkovich, an IIGB professor of plant pathology and the chair of the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, and colleagues started [...]

HHMI Bulletin Profiles Xuemei Chen!

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The Fall 2014 HHMI Bulletin profiles IIGB/CEPCEB researcher Xuemei Chen and her seminal work on noncoding RNAs and stem cells. Dr. Chen has been a Howard Hughes Medical Institute-Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation investigator since 2012. To read about her work studying how MicroRNAs are made, their role, how they do their work and how [...]

Studying the Evolutionary History of Fungi

By |2019-01-21T00:43:53-08:00January 21st, 2019|

IIGB associate professor Jason Stajich is the principal investigator of a four-year project involving 11 collaborating institutions that have been funded a total of $2.5 million by the National Science Foundation. The project focuses on studying zygomycetes – ancient lineages of fungi that include plant symbionts, animal and human pathogens and decomposers of a wide [...]