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Title: “Integrating time into transcriptional networks for pattern discovery”

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Host:  Dawn Nagel

Abstract: The genus Brassica contains crops with leaf, flower and root vegetables for consumption, oil production, and fodder. B. rapa captures much of this diversity in one species with Chinese cabbage, pak choi, oilseed, turnip and leafy vegetable varieties. This variation provides a rich source of genetic and physiological diversity to be explored. As with many crops, B. rapa is polyploid, diverging from Arabidopsis thaliana roughly 24 million years ago (MYA) and undergoing genome triplication followed by extensive gene fractionation. As a consequence, the genome architecture has diverged from Arabidopsis leaving open many questions as to how the expansion of the B. rapa genome has influenced physiological processes. We are interested in how the circadian clock coordinates plant responses to environmental stressors. Our goal is to decipher this temporal regulation and manipulate the timing of certain processes to generate higher performing crops. Incorporating time into our experimental design provides us with the resolution to associate diel transcriptional patterns with metabolic and physiological outputs. In this talk, I will share evidence for genome wide expansion and divergence of the circadian network in B. rapa followed by new results looking at intraspecific variation in temporal networks and how they may relate to differences in physiological and metabolic responses to stress.