IIGB professor of genetics Hailing Jin was elected as a 2015 AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Fellow in recognition of her contribution to innovation, education and scientific leadership in the Section on Biological Sciences.

Fellows are nominated by the steering committees in the Association’s 24 sections, comprised of three Fellows who are current AAAS members and the AAAS chief executive officer. The AAAS Council, chaired by the AAAS president, makes the final selection.

The AAAS Council elected 347 Fellows for 2015, who were recognized at the 2016 AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. 76 of these fellows were selected in the Section on Biological Sciences, but Hailing Jin was the only UCR member elected to fellowship last year. Fellows at the forum were awarded a certificate and rosette pin, the emblem of Fellowship.