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Jeffrey Bachant
Associate Professor of Cell Biology
Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Area(s) of Expertise: Mitotic Chromosome Transmission
Julia Bailey-Serres
Distinguished Professor of Genetics; Director, Center for Plant Cell Biology 
Botany and Plant Sciences
Area(s) of Expertise: Gene Regulation; Translational Control; Abiotic Stress Signaling/Response; Low Oxygen Sensing; Flooding/Submergence; Genome Technologies
Maksim Bazhenov
Professor of Cell Biology
Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Area(s) of Expertise: Large-scale Modeling of Neural Networks; Information Coding in the Olfactory System; Sleep Rhythms; Trauma-induced Epileptogenesis; Role of Neuronal Plasticity in Memory and Learning
Harvey Blanch
Professor of the Graduate Division
Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Area(s) of Expertise: Biological Engineering; Biothermodynamics; Metabolic Engineering; Enzyme Engineering
Katherine Borkovich
Professor; Department Chair; Plant Pathologist; Fungal Cell Biologist/Biochemist
Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Area(s) of Expertise: Environmental Sensing and Signal Transduction in Fungi; Fungal Genetics; High-throughput Genomics; Heterotrimeric G proteins; Two-component Regulatory Systems

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Center for Plant Cell Biology
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