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Linda Walling, LLinda Walling

Professor of Genetics

Mailing Address:

Botany and Plant Sciences
Genomics Building /3107A
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Phone: (951) 827-4687
Fax: (951) 827-4437
Email: lwalling@ucr.edu

College/Division Affiliation:

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Center/Inst Affiliation(s):

Center for Disease Vector Research
Center for Plant Cell Biology
Center for Conservation Biology

Areas Of Expertise:

Plant/pest Interactions; Defense Mechanisms; Aminopeptidases and Transferases That Modify the N-terminus of Proteins; Plant gene expression during development and in response to biotic stress

Awards / Honors:

2011  Fellor of ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists) Award
2004-10 Division Dean, Life Sciences, College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences Dean's Office
2004 Fellow, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
1989-90 National Science Foundation Research Opportunities for Women Career Advancement Award
1989-90 Affirmative Action Career Development Award
1987-88 UC Regents' Junior Faculty Fellowship Award
1980-83 National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Training Grant
1976-80 National Institute of Health Predoctoral Training Grant

Research Summary:

Initially, my laboratory studied the interactions of developmental and light regulatory signals in the regulation of the chlorophyll a/b binding protein genes of soybean. In 1990, my laboratory's emphasis shifted dramatically to focus on understanding plant responses to wounding, pathogens, and herbivores. Two research projects dominate our current research initiatives. First, we are dissecting the mechanisms used to perceive phloem-feeding whiteflies in squash, tomato and Arabidopsis. Second, we identified a peptidase (leucine aminopeptidase) that responds to bacterial pathogens, wounding and tissue-damaging herbivores. This enzyme has led us into studies to understand the role of N-terminal processing enzymes during development and in response to stress. We utilize multidisciplinary approaches in both projects by incorporating the tools of biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, and genomics.

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Lab Personnel:

Holzer, Fran
Staff Research Associate —
Smith, Missy
Graduate Student Researcher —
Zhou, Jaclyn
Graduate Student Researcher —
Wideen, Corey
Graduate Student Researcher —

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