Center for Plant Cell Biology


The awardees have the opportunity to work with the following members of the Center for Plant Cell Biology.  The area of research in each laboratory is indicated.  Please follow the links to the members' web pages to further explore their research areas.    

Raikhel, Natasha Processing of proteins in the secretory system; Organization of the plant cell wall
Bailey-Serres, Julia Selective mRNA translation in response to plant stress
Borkovich, Katherine Signal transduction pathways used by fungi to respond to their environment
Carter, David Microscopy
Chen, Meng Cellular and molecular mechanisms by which plants sense and respond to light
Chen, Xuemei Floral development and microRNA metabolism and function
Cutler, Sean Analysis and Exploitation of Natural Variation Using Small Molecules
Ding, Shou-Wei Post-transcriptional gene silencing in plant viruses
Eulgem, Thomas Regulation of the plant defense transcriptome
Gallie, Daniel Mechanisms regulating the translation of cellular and viral mRNAs
Giraldo, Juan Pablo Development of research tools with nanomaterials to study, engineer, and monitor plant physiological mechanisms
Girke, Thomas Bioinformatics
Huang, Anthony Oils in seeds; Role of the tapetum in flowers
Jiang, Tao Computational molecular biology, design and analysis of algorithms
Jin, Hailing Signal transduction of plant-microbial interaction
Judelson, Howard Developmental biology of spores in the plant pathogenic fungi
Kaloshian, Isgouhi Plant Nematode Pathogenic Interactions; Root-knot Nematodes (RKNs)
Larive, Cynthia Bioanalytical Chemistry
Li, Bai-lian (Larry) Quantitative plant ecology
Litt, Amy Gene function in dry and fleshy fruit development
Lonardi, Stefano Computational molecular biology, data mining
Ma, Wenbo Functions and evolution of plant bacterial secreted proteins during infection
Nothnagel, Eugene A. Structure and functions of arabinogalactan-proteins (AGPs)
Nugent, Connie Fundamental cellular processes responsible for maintaining telomeres
Rao, A.L.N. Molecular biology of virus-host interactions
Rasmussen, Carolyn Division Plane Orientation in Plant Cells
Reddy, Venugopala G. Gene networks, stem cells, and plant development
Roper, Caroline Molecular basis of the host/pathogen interactions of vector borne plant pathogenic bacteria and the role of the plant microbiome in plant health
Springer, Patricia S. Organogenesis in plants
Stajich, Jason Fungal cell wall evolution; post-transcriptional gene regulation
Van Norman, Jaimie Cell polarity in plant tissue and organ patterning
Walling, Linda L. Role of aminopeptidases in defense and development
Yang, Zhenbiao Signaling networks in Arabidopsis. Cell polarity and shape formation.  Hormonal signaling.

Division plane orientation in plant cells

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