Please mark your calendar for CEPCEB’s annual celebration of science.

18th Annual Noel T. Keen Distinguished Lecture and Awards Ceremony

Friday, December 11th

Noon – 1:30PM

Location: Zoom

Meeting ID: 929 1247 4758

Passcode: 644865

Professor Jan E. Leach

Colorado State University

University Distinguished Professor

Associate Dean for Research, College of Agricultural Sciences

President, International Society for Plant Pathology

Lab Website

Jan Leach is a rice geneticist, plant pathologist and microbiologist who has made important contributions to the field of plant pathology and plant-microbiome interactions. She was personal friend of Noel Keen and the mentor of individuals in our community. Jan is known for pioneering the use of the rice Xanthamonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) as a model for understanding infectious diseases in plants. She is currently a Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of Agriculture at Colorado State University.

This event will include the annual presentations of these awards:

Neil Campbell Undergraduate Award for Outstanding Research

CEPCEB Graduate Award for Outstanding Research

CEPCEB Postdoctoral Research Award for Outstanding Research

Previous Awardees