Painted Lady butterfly at Motte Rimrock UCR Natural Reserve (c) UCR / Stan Lim

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Genomics has given plant scientists the tools to begin developing a comprehensive understanding of how plants function as whole organisms: how they adapt to the environment, fight infection, ward off competition from other plants, and manipulate the behavior of animals such as feeding insects. Our goal is to apply the knowledge of how plants respond to their dynamic environment toward manipulation of crop plants safely and efficiently for better and more sustainable production.

Descriptions of endowments and funds established for CEPCEB are below. We are extremely grateful to all our benefactors who have so generously supported our mission and endeavors. These funds are instrumental in preparing a new generation of scientists for this exciting new era in the biological sciences.



CEPCEB awards symposium 2018

Pictured from left to right: Kelley Clark, Dr. Carolyn Rasmussen, Dr. Julia Bailey-Serres, & Dr. Wenbo Ma

How to Donate

Credit card donations to all of the funds listed above can be made at UCR’s secure Online Gift Form.

Check or money orders can also be made payable to the UC Riverside Foundation

Please specify the name of the fund you will be donating to (i.e.  “Center for Plant Cell Biology Fund” or “Natasha V. Raikhel Award in Research Innovation and Science Leadership“) in the note field of your contribution and mail it to:

Office of Development
University of California
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