IIGB Seminar: Dr. Jijie Chai, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research


Title: "Biochemical functions of plant NLRs" Please email IIGBadmin@ucr.edu for Zoom Link Host:  Hailing Jin Abstract: Nucleotide binding and leucine-rich repeat containing receptors (NLRs) play a critical role in innate immunity of both animals and plants. Plant NLRs mediate specific recognition of pathogen effector proteins delivered into cells, initiating effector-triggered immunity (ETI). Significant progress has [...]

19th Annual CEPCEB Distinguished Noel T. Keen Lecture and Awards Ceremony

Genomics Auditorium, RM 1102A

3:00 PM            Registration & Refreshments 3:30 PM            Welcome: Julia Bailey-Serres, CEPCEB Director 3:35 PM             Awards Presentation 4:00 PM          Noel T. Keen Lecture Krishna Niyogi Professor of Plant & Microbial Biology & HHMI Investigator University of California, [...]