Plant protein TANGLED 1

New interdisciplinary research published in the Journal of Cell Biology from Associate Professor and plant cell biologist Carolyn Rasmussen’s group describes how the plant protein TANGLED 1 is needed to accurately position the new cell wall that forms at the end of cell division. See the UCR news report. The authors combine live-cell imaging and in vitro analyses to better understand how TANGLED 1 binds to microtubules to position the new cell wall during cell division. First author Pablo Martinez was a Ford Fellow and is currently an HHMI Hana Gray postdoctoral fellow at UCLA. Undergraduates acknowledged in this project include Jocelyne Aranda (UCR), Sukhmani Sidhu (UCR) and Christoper Hoyt (Harvey Mudd/CEPCEB NSF REU).

Other undergraduates interested in research with Professor Rasmussen should check out our U-SPARC and CEPCEB NSF REU programs.

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